Audi is a German automobile company who specialise in the manufacturing of luxury vehicles that prioritise sophisticated technology, whilst incorporating the sublime comfort, excellent quality, and power that are conventional for luxury vehicles. This is all infused with the legendary vehicle reliability denoted by German automobile brands. Audi’s four rings present in its icon honour the four companies that united to create Auto Union, which eventually evolved into the Audi we know today. Furthermore, Audi’s name pays respect to the company’s founder August Horch, whose surname translates from German as listen, which was then translated into the latin “audi”.

Audi adheres to the motto “vorsprung durch technik”, which means “being ahead through technology”, in which Audi’s models clearly epitomise and embody this. The company has a respectable motoring pedigree, in which Audi was the first company to produce 100% galvanised vehicles, meaning that the bodywork is covered in a zinc coating that prevents corrosion, whilst the 4 wheel drive, turbocharged Audi Quattro (introduced in 1980) dominated the rallying stage and secured a plethora of victories and trophies due to its capabilities.

Audi is becoming increasingly popular amongst the leasing community as a result of the superior quality, design, and engine power it offers. The company presents a broad range of vehicles, including its Q range of SUV vehicles (such as the Q3, Q5, and Q7), its sporty S and RS variants, the TT and R8 coupe cars, its A range of hatchbacks, saloons and executive cars (including the A1, A3, A6, ad A8), and its all electric, luxury e-tron. All of these personify the outstanding performance the world has come to expect from the Audi badge to provide a sensational driving experience in vehicles that are at the frontlines of technological advancements in the automobile industry and are fine examples of pure German engineering.