Cupra Lease Deals

Leasing a car is a great option for many people, as the upfront cost for a brand new car can be very expensive. With leasing, you can get your hands on the latest Cupra models without breaking the bank. Whether you’re after an electric model like the Cupra Born or you’re after a spacious SUV in the form of the Cupra Formentor, Leap Vehicle Leasing has it all! Find the right Cupra lease deals for you today.

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Why lease a Cupra?

Strong, reliable, and dynamic. The Cupra range offers an exceptional range of cars to lease at a great price. When you lease a Cupra, you’ll take full advantage of its stylish designs and superb performance. This combined with their high-quality handling, and lush interiors makes them one of the best up-and-coming car brands in recent years. For a family car, we highly recommend the Ateca estate, with plenty of space and a comfortable interior, making it the perfect choice for long journeys or the school run. For something more luxurious yet economic, we recommend our Cupra Formentor hybrid leases, boasting modern designs and plenty of power.

How much does it cost to lease a Cupra?

The monthly cost of a Cupra car lease can vary and the popular Cupra Leon Hatchback model makes for a very affordable option. The price of the lease is influenced by trim level, age, and mileage. The cost of your leasing deal could also be impacted by:

  • The end of agreement value
  • The size of your deposit
  • The length of your agreement
  • Your credit score
  • Your annual mileage

Which Cupra contract hire is right for me?

Cupra has cars that suit pretty much every need – from family Estate cars to fully electric hatchbacks.

  • Comfort – If it’s comfort you’re looking for, Cupra cars all offer immense comfort when it comes to the interior, the handling, and the smoothness of the drive
  • Affordability – For an affordable brand-new SUV, the Cupra Formentor is one of the best leasing deals on the market. Its high-powered engine, spacious interior, and stylish design make it one of the most desirable models on the road
  • Power – Cupra vehicles don’t shy away from producing power. The Cupra Ateca reaches 60MPH in under 5 seconds making it one of the quickest estate cars on the road. If it’s a smaller but powerful car you’re after, the Leon hatchback definitely packs a punch, with 245BHP and 1600 torque, this car is one of the high performers in the hatchback world
  • Practicality – Cupra offers many options for practicality. Whether you’re after a larger SUV like a Formentor or a longer car like the Cupra Leon estate, Cupra models offer a range of practical cars great for families or as working vehicles for commuting or deliveries
  • Electric – If you’re looking for a vehicle with 0 carbon emissions, the majestic Cupra Born is a fully electric hatchback that rivals any other electric car on the market. Packed full of technology and luxurious interior, the Cupra Born is definitely a car you will be seeing more of in the coming years. Or for a hybrid option, the Cupra Formentor hybrid is the perfect choice.