Personal Car Lease and Business Car Leasing  

Are you looking for the best car leasing deals? Whether you're looking for a personal car lease or a business car lease, Leap Vehicle Leasing has amazing contract hire deals across a wide range of makes and models, suitable for every need!

Personal car leasing 

Personal leasing, also known as personal contract hire, is a rental agreement best suited for individuals looking for a lease of their own. The contract allows you to drive away in a brand new car with a chosen mileage across the contract period that will determine the overall cost. This option is an alternative to car finance in which you do not own the car, but instead, you return the car after the lease period is over. For a lot of people, this is a great option to get their hands on a brand new car, without breaking the bank or having additional initial costs like an MOT or vehicle repairs. 

Business car leasing 

Business leasing is perfect for companies who are looking for either one or a whole fleet of vehicles. Our flexible leasing options mean your business can lease brand new cars that offer great benefits that finance or buying don't offer such as tax advantages, cheaper than some personal leases, business discounts and more! This is a great option for all businesses, but those in particular who rely on a vehicle daily or need to keep business costs down, our business car lease deals provide something for all. 

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