MG Lease Deals 

MG, now MG Motor, was originally founded in the 1920s when it started off as Morris Garages, where Cecil Kimber made sports cars out of Morrises. It quickly became popular for its sports cars, and it has been involved in motorsport for many years. Take advantage of one of our MG lease deals today.

When MG Rover collapsed in 2005, the MG marque was bought by Nanjing Automobile, a Chinese carmaker. It is now owned by SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, and MG vehicles are made in China and imported to the UK

In 2011, the MG6 was launched, which was the first model with the MG brand for many years. It now has a small range of vehicles that are very popular in the UK and around the world. The cars are designed in the UK, and you will find petrol cars as well as electric and hybrid vehicles in MG’s lineup.

Our most popular cars at the moment include the MG3, MG ZS and MG HS, and MG remains a popular choice for anyone leasing a car.