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About Leap Vehicle Leasing

Who should you turn to when you want a new car?

You want the right model at the best price. And you want someone to make the process effortless for you.

Hi, I’m Andy Gartside of LEAP Vehicle Leasing and I’m here to ease you through the leasing of your next car or van. Customers get a better service from LEAP. As a small business, my running costs are much lower than the big leasing companies’. This means you can lease the same car for less. 

“Brand new Audi A4 S-line Avant delivered to our door at a price even the local Audi dealers couldn't come close to.” 

I spend time with fleet managers at car dealerships, negotiating the best price on your behalf. 

“Andrew is a pleasure to deal with and obviously has a great knowledge of the trade and is able to pass this on by getting a great car at an even better price.”

I’ve helped customers buy and lease cars from dealerships (like Audi and Ford) and through my own business for 25 years. 

Vehicle leasing - how it works 

More and more people are choosing to lease their next car or van. Like them, here’s what you can expect:

1. Your brand-new car delivered to your door in showroom condition. Free delivery. 
2. Searching for exactly the right vehicle is hassle-free. Tell me what you want (ask me about manufacturers’ features) and leave the rest to me. 
3. No worries about the car losing value. Lease the car for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. Send it back. And then lease another. 
4. Road tax and full manufacturer’s warranty are included. 
5. Service and maintenance plan - and even tyre replacement - can be included. 
6. All you need to pay for is petrol (or diesel) and fully comprehensive insurance. 

Mileage - If you exceed the total mileage you incur an ‘excess mileage’ charge. I help you work out your mileage accurately so you don’t have to pay for extra miles at the end of the lease period.

“I can't recommend Andy enough. Throughout the whole process of looking at leasing a vehicle he couldn't do enough to help. He was patient, (as I was unsure what I was looking for) knowledgeable and super-efficient. At no point did I feel pressured to make a decision and any questions I asked were quickly answered. I love my new car and will definitely be using LEAP vehicle leasing again.”

Find out how you can save money when you lease your next car. Talk to me today.

“Bought a car, made a friend.” 

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